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Elena Damiani takes part in the group show Chosen Memories at MoMA

Elena Damiani (1979, Lima, Peru) participates in "Chosen Memories", show at MoMA, NY, which brings together Latin American artists.

In her work, the artist researches geological transformations, questioning humanity's scientific and domineering relationship with the environment.

In a 2020 interview for MoMA's magazine, Damiani says that "It is important to observe, from the perspective of art, science’s approaches and methods in order to understand the complex and changing nature of the reality around us. That encompasses, of course, the environment and the scientific advances that have provided information on climate change [...] As an artist, I feel I have a responsibility to make visible the unpredictability of time and the contingency of the environment". Click here to read the full interview.

On view from April 30 to September 9.