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Jaider Esbell e Daiara Tukano são destaques em matéria da Artnet News

Collectors Fábio and Mônica Ulhoa Coelho, who first collected Brazilian art from the 1980s—a period when the market was centralized in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro—are an example of national collectors who’ve embraced popular and Indigenous art. “Nothing’s more contemporary than Indigenous art,” said Fábio Ulhoa Coelho after attending the fair. “The developed countries cease to be the legitimation centers of an allegedly universal art. We live in interesting times of decolonization, of which Indigenous art is one of the most vivid expressions. To collect it means to live in our present time.” At SP-Arte, Indigenous artists, such as Denilson Baniwa, Jaider Esbell (1979-2021), and Daiara Tukano, who hail respectively from the Amazon’s Baniwa, Makuxi, and Tukano peoples, were represented by the established galleries A Gentil Carioca and Millan.