Laminated Souls Publicações
Laminated Souls
Holzwarth Publications
136 pgs.

Laminated Souls begins with a symmetrical investigation of two symmetrical gazes. A laboratory is laid open to the spectator’s microscopic gaze, while the spectator himself experiences the sensation of being looked down upon microscopically from above. This is the beginning - the dimensions that are going to be played with. Inside the change in dimensions there is a transformation of the two opposing groups. One is immediately incorporated into a game of oppositions and the negation of dimensions. There is an investigator, the scientist, there is the fly and the frog. Let’s say, if a monster was constructed by these three beings, what would the fantastic result of this operation necessarily be? Who else could this other being be than the observer of the work? It’s the imagination of each person who can use what they have been presented with to arrive at this illusion, or at whatever result of these possible dimensions” (Tunga). English.