Emmanuel Nassar presents ‘Lataria Espacial’ at MAM news
02/04 >> 01/09/24
Emmanuel Nassar presents ‘Lataria Espacial’ at MAM
MAM São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Lataria Espacial | MAM, São Paulo, 2024 | Foto: Ding Musa – Cortesia MAM São Paulo

Emmanuel Nassar presents Lataria Espacial in the Sala de Vidro of the MAM — Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, curated by Cauê Alves. The vernissage takes place next Tuesday, April 2, at 7pm.

The museum is displaying the eponymous work —an 8-metre-long plane based on the Phenon 300 business jet and made of galvanized steel— which was originally shown at the Museu de Arte do Rio, in 2022. The structure is painted in the style of Nassar's Chapas series, in which metal plates with advertisements for popular markets in the greater Belém area, in the state of Pará, where the artist lives, are appropriated and given new meaning.

While “lataria” [tin] alludes to the cladding of machines and the term “lata-velha” [jalopy] — which, in turn, is associated with rudimentary and manual labour — the term “espacial” [space] refers to technological advancement and the knowledge of space aviation. Thus, the work celebrates the local creativity and technical solutions, questioning the notion of precariousness, for a long time associated with the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. Suggesting a journey that allows this knowledge to be shared.

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