José Bento occupies Pinacoteca with a site-specific project news
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José Bento occupies Pinacoteca with a site-specific project
Pinacoteca de São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Caminho de Guaré | Pinacoteca de São Paulo, 2024 | Photo: Levi Fanan

José Bento takes over the Octagon at Pinacoteca de São Paulo with Caminho de Guaré, beginning this Saturday, March 23. The exhibition consists of a multi-sensory project that presents wood, the main material used in his works, in different states and forms.

Curated by Lorraine Mendes and Jochen Volz, the exhibition establishes "a board where a delicate harmony is formed: the beans, which are at the same time food and seed, create the correspondence between the cosmos and the earth, the mounds of energy and disintegrated matter exude particles of smell and memories of the trees that once were and continue to be, albeit in another configuration, and the air, which surrounds them all, guards the entrances and fortifies this path through time."

Also exploring temporality and memory, the site-specific's title refers to the region where the museum is located: Caminho de Guaré was a road used by muleteers to travel from São Paulo to Minas Gerais —the state where José Bento lives. As such, the work proposes a renewed understanding of the place occupied by the institution and of the history of the city, recalling the indigenous presence and the colonization processes. 

Caminho de Guaré is on view from March 23 to September 1st.

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