Ana Amorim is part of the group show ‘Tempos fraturados’ at MAC-USP news
Ana Amorim is part of the group show ‘Tempos fraturados’ at MAC-USP
São Paulo, Brazil

Personal Color Spectrum, 1989, 365 pieces, label, various objects inside 365 plastic sandwich bags, 209 x 557 cm approx.
ph: Filipe Berndt

Ana Amorim (1956, São Paulo, Brazil) is part of Tempos fraturados, new long term exhibition at MAC-USP, Museum of Contemporary Art of University of São Paulo. Curated by Ana Magalhães, Felipe Chaimovich, Helouise Costa, Marta Bogéa, Priscila Arantes and Rodrigo Queiroz.

The work Personal Color Spectrum (1989) – from the institution's collection – is part of the second series called Large Canvas, that results from a whole year of daily evidence gatherings of the artist's life. The series is part of the Ten-Year Performance Project, started on 1988 and ended in 1997.

As explained by Amorim: "This routine consisted in me looking for an object from my immediate surrounding, seeking to capture the color spectrum around me, as soon as I finished drawing my daily map. [...] and labeled it with the number of hours until the end of the year, number of days for the end of the year, my age and the number of the Large Canvas 2 map for the day."

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