Arte1 features Henrique Oliveira’s solo exhibition news
05/08 >> 09/09/23
Arte1 features Henrique Oliveira’s solo exhibition

Memento Habilis, a solo show by Henrique Oliveira at Millan, was featured on the Arte1 in Movimento program, broadcasted on Arte1.

The exhibition presents three-dimensional artworks with organic forms that resemble plants and animals, yet do not quite define themselves as such. Among them, the large-scale installation with the same name as the exhibition stands out. Displayed on the gallery's ground floor, the work is composed of closely layered pieces that become almost indistinguishable due to their wooden appearance, forming a grand organism that also evokes the likeness of a tree trunk.

Memento Habilis will be on display until September 9th, Saturday.

Watch the interview with the artist on YouTube.