Dudi Maia Rosa opens ‘Desde a tona’, solo at the Instituto Ling news
05/10 >> 29/12/23
Dudi Maia Rosa opens ‘Desde a tona’, solo at the Instituto Ling
Instituto Ling
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Dudi Maia Rosa, Auroborus, 2023, Pigmented polyester resin and fiberglass, 77 x 77 1/2 x 2 1/2 in | Photo: Edouard Fraipont

Dudi Maia Rosa's Desde a tona, is now open at Instituto Ling, in Porto Alegre.

The solo show is curated by, João Bandeira, who states: "Almost all the 'resins' in this exhibition are recent works or ones never before shown, but they are related to a long-established lineage in Dudi's production, which combines the generous expansion of color with the affectively ironic emergence of references from art history. For example, the brushstroke, the graphic elements, the stripe, the positive-negative play, the symbolic iconography (such as the ouroboros snake), the appropriation of images (including two cinema muses, Monica Vitti and Odete Lara), and even the painting itself and its frame - imbued with humor, the materiality of the art object is, and is not, the representation itself."

In addition to these works made of pigmented polyester resin and fiberglass, the exhibition brings together paintings from the Cábulas series and metal sculptures. The exhibition is on view through December 12.

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