Vivian Caccuri presents the performance ‘FANTASMA BOCA’ news
29/08 >> 30/08/23
Vivian Caccuri presents the performance ‘FANTASMA BOCA’
Sesc Pompeia
São Paulo, Brazil

Photo: David Pacheco

Artist Vivian Caccuri (1986, São Paulo, SP), alongside Thiago Lanis, presents the performance FANTASMA BOCA.

FANTASMA BOCA is a sonorous and immersive performance in which Caccuri and Lanis recreate the sonic landscape of a tropical forest in a live recording. Birds, insects, air, storms, and other beings are reenacted by the performers using only their lips, mouth, and teeth. The sounds are recorded one by one, edited, and played back in layers live, recreating a nighttime scene.

On August 29 and 30, at Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo.