Obras/Works (1987—2022) Publications
Ana Amorim
Obras/Works (1987—2022)
La Documental Edicions
Valencia, Spain
Spanish and English
Includes b/w postcard (5 different models taken from the piece '50 Days')
208 pgs

This publication showcases and analyses the work of the artist Ana Amorim from three perspectives. It features a text by Álvaro de Los Ángeles which connects her artwork and her life with writing and with the weft of histories and narratives that shape contemporaneity; a commented selection of twenty of her works and performances made between 1987 and 2022; and a previous unseen work, 50 Days, made expressly for this project. Like a case study, this specific "mental map" outlines the artist's underlying ethical concerns, both personal and political, during the last fifty day of 2021.

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